2014-2015 Season Off to a Good Start

With the new game recently out the team is already working hard to make their robot great with the hope. We have a great team this year full of enthusiastic and bright young engineers. Wish us luck as we head into this new season!

The challenge this year:


How to start FIRST team

For those interested in starting a FIRST team, below are links to helpful websites regarding FIRST and starting a team. If you have any additional questions please attend our meeting on May 14th at 7pm at 1 Prospect Road or send us an email at team@scotbotics.com

FIRST Lego League:  http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/fll

How to start an FLL team:  http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/startateam

Jr. FIRST Lego League:   http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/jr.fll

How to start a Jr. FLL team:   http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/jr.fll/start-a-team

NorCal Regionals

This past weekend we had the Northern California Regionals! It was a great tournament. We went undefeated during the qualifying matches and placed 3rd for alliance selection allowing us to be captain of an alliance! We allianced with The Enterprisers and Stark Industries for the semi-finals and finals. Swept through the semi-finals advancing us to the finals. We had an unfortunate loss in the first match of finals but came back for a win in the second and third matching winning us the tournament and advancing us to the Western Super Regionals.


Folsom Tournament

Hey guys! We had our third competition yesterday at Intel in Folsom. We ended up as the winning alliance partner, the motivate award winner and even got 2nd place inspire award!

Go Scotbots!

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2013-2014 Season!

Scotbotics is off to a great start this season. The new challenge “FTC Block Party” is tons of fun! We have already had two qualifiers and even got a ticket to regionals at Saratoga High, our second qualifier, by winning and getting inspire award! We are so excited for the rest of the season!



(Super late) Worlds update

We’re back from Worlds!

…That’s what we said two months ago. Sorry if you were hoping for an update sooner, but life kinda got in the way.

Our time at the World Championship in St. Louis was nothing short of amazing. Hundreds of teams came from across the country and around the world. The competition and pit areas were filled with colorful costumes, lavish decorations, and deafening cheers in a multitude of languages.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do so well in competition thanks to several robot malfunctions. But we still had a good time spectating and touring St. Louis.

Thanks so much to our Kickstarter backers, without whom we would be unable to afford this trip:

Pat Christen and Rene Durazzo
Veritas Growth Companies
Parker Phillips Family
Jim Torgerson
Kelly Wiesbrock
Matthew Rogers
Dan Lee
Betty Yuen
Meta Orans
Barbara Fremder
Eric Padua
Michael Costello
Kumiko Iwashita
Hudson Lee
Stephanie Yee
Terry Tow
Catherine Phillips
William Pedersen
Suzanna Chan
Noriko Hyden
Fever Charm
Cynthia Mayorga
John Oshimo
Hui Zhang
Kelsey Oshimo
Townsend Walker
Debra Kay
Cheryl Yuen
Hugh Reynolds
Sebastian Mueller
Richard Joe
Joanna Chin
Susan Grossman
Ho Ching Ng
Peter Russell
Margaret Chou
Marie Kieraldo
Laura Sueoka
Diana Chapman
Bonnie Chick
Eric Mowat
Candace Turtle
Lisa Reynolds
Diana Yuen
Amy Sanchez
Mark Dukas
Beth Porter
Alyssa Penwell
Vivek Paul
Elizabeth Romney
Linda Bower
Terry Loughran Patton
Brynne Staley
Sharon and Jack Rogers
Linda Sonntag PH.D
Jeff Crowe
Chrissy Lee

Off to St. Louis

Sorry for the lack of updates, but… Worlds is finally here!

Tomorrow, we will be taking a plane flight to St. Louis, Missouri, to compete at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. Competing among 128 teams from around the world is a huge honor.

We can’t update the website until after Worlds is over. But if you want to follow our progress, Like us on Facebook! The team will keep our Facebook page updated live with match results, photos, and other interesting observations. Be sure to check it out on Thursday and Friday, as these will likely be our main competition days.

This is it. Go Scotbotics!


In less than two weeks, our Kickstarter project has raised over $5000! That’s more than twice our original goal. Thanks for your support!

If you have not pledged to our Kickstarter project, we would still love your support. Our team still has plenty of costs to pay… And we still have plenty of rewards to give to our loyal backers. Check out our promo video below, then make your pledge before time runs out!

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Please donate to our Kickstarter project!

First things first: We’re going to Worlds!

By that, I mean we entirely plan on attending the World Championships in St. Louis this April. But in order to go, we need money. This is where you come in.

We need your help to raise $2500 through Kickstarter. Please donate to our project! This is an exciting opportunity to support the next generation of inventors and engineers… And we have some nifty prizes for our backers, too.

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